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    This site is mainly for role-playing information. It will quite probably be under perpetual construction indefinitely. For now, you can find some simple role-playing utilities here as well as some of my really cheesy adventure maps that I drew a long time ago.

    First, you can visit the Battle Grid page where you can begin creating your own battle grids for online battles. These are intended to be used with any kind of online roller (such as Cyno's Dice for Cirqo), Teamspeak or skype (to communicate).

    Next, you can visit the ever-growing world of Dangor. Currently, there are some maps from the nation of Milania. There are also a few maps for the sprawling nation north of it called Talmak. These two nations are on a collision course and war is imminent.

    The nation of Milania has been peaceful and prosperous for centuries. The famous bard Menshawn tells the following tale...

    Milania is a glorious nation. Filled with bustling and peaceful cities as well as rolling hills dotted with beautiful vineyards nestled in the clouds. There are thick forests and emerald jungles. The people have benefited much with trade from other peaceful peoples on the temperate isles to the south.

    Oh the woe! T'is all about to change. The aggressive nation of Talmak has carved a huge land-locked nation for itself through war, conquest, and coerced treaties. They have grown as much as they can without acquiring a major port. They now are marshalling their forces to force their horribly beaurocratic and torturous schedules on the peaceful, fun-loving people of Milania.

    So, come in, look around, but above all...

    Keep adventuring!