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SlydeBoard v3.0

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SlydeBoard is an android input device designed to mimic a QWERTY keyboard. It types exactly what you enter with NO auto-complete errors! It works on almost any screen size. There are only 9 buttons so they are HUGE. Each button corresponds to a hand and a row from your laptop keyboard! Make SlydeBoard more or less sensitive to your touches. Enable full transparency and expert mode once you become a master and it's almost invisible!

SlydeBoard is really the best keyboard available for things where natural language isn't useful like:

  • Terminal Emulation
  • System Administration
  • Shell Scripting
  • Programming
  • VIM (Escape works!)
  • EMACS (CTRL Keys work)
  • Get more information with the following links!

  • Android Market Link (Android Devices Only): SlydeBoard
  • SlydeBoard Quick Start
  • Text Installation Instructions
  • (NEW) Graphical Installation Instructions
  • Screenshot
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Also known as Slyde Board

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